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Information For your Login ID, please only use A to Z, a to z, the digits 0 to 9, or an underscore; any other characters will be replaced by an underscore ( _ ). Trailing underscores will be omitted, and extraneous underscores will be omitted by a single underscore. To avoid confusion when you login next time, use only the above characters, and not such characters as dash, dollar, comma, and blank. For better security of your personal identification, please do not use your SSN as your Login ID.

Your PIN must be six digits. Avoid anything easy to figure out. For example, do NOT use your birthdate.

International Students: Please do NOT use this application process to apply for admission to UTM. Instead, please contact our International Programs office at (731) 881-7340 or visit the International Programs website for instructions on applying for admission.

Parents/Guardians: if you are entering an application on behalf of dependents, use a different Login ID for each. A login ID should never be associated with more than one applicant. Please also be sure to use the SSN of the STUDENT on the application.

Please be sure to make note of the Login ID and PIN that you create here... you will need it later to log back in to check the status of your application, which you can do at your convenience at any time.

Your PIN can be up to 99 alphanumeric characters. Minimum 6 alphanumeric characters are required. Enter your PIN again to verify it and then select Login. Your Login ID and PIN will be saved.

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